Balloons and Bubbles

So, let’s kick off the cool summer vibe right now with all the amazing kids beach party games we have waiting for our surfer dudes and hula girls!
Buckets, beach balls and inflatable rings are just some of the many fun beach themed props we use in our beach party games to make the children really feel as though they are partying on the beach! Our unique kids party games are tailored to the children’s age group making them simple for younger ones and more challenging for older ones.
Every kids’ Beach Party needs the hottest summer sounds and our lively children’s entertainer has loads of them! From pop and action songs to summer and beach themed party music. The birthday child is also welcome to request their favourite songs and artists too!
In-between the party games we add in lots of funky disco dancing sections so the children can show off their best dance moves! The music for both the games and dancing sections comes from our state-of-the-art kids disco complete with colourful lights and a free bubble, snow or smoke machine to be used for even more wow-factor!

Indoor Parties

If your child enjoys the exciting combination of a funky children’s disco and hilarious party games, they will simply love our cool Kids Disco Party!
Kiddaboo’s Kids Disco Party is packed full of fun music based party games tailored to the children’s age group. From dance-based games to sitting and team games, our unique kids party games involve lots of funny colourful props making them an instant hit with children of all ages. Our lively children’s entertainer will aim to pack in as many exciting party games
In-between all our great games the children have the chance to show off their best dance moves during our disco dancing sections. We carry the latest children’s music, including all their favourite pop and action songs. We will also happily accommodate any personal music favourites the birthday child has!